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BGC Workplace Wellness Plan

Learn what BGC is doing to support your workplace health and wellness. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities that best suit you. Have questions? Contact your WOSH representative. 

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WOSH Handbook

This Wellness, Occupational Health, and Safety (WOSH) Handbook is a mandatory read for all Club staff to understand how the Club can best support your workplace health and well-being and what's expected of you.

WOSH Concern Report

Have a health or wellness concern? Use this report to submit your concern to your WOSH representative. 

NEW: Illness and Wellness Policy - Revised

Please familiarize yourself with the Club's new policies and procedures about Wellness Leave, Casual Sick Leave, and Medical Appointments. If you have any questions or concerns, we're happy to help. 

WOSH Committee Resources

WOSH Committee Handbook

Accessibility and Inclusion - Site Schedule

Accessibility and Inclusion - Worksheet

Disablities Act Checklist for Barrier Assessment

Facility Inspection Report

Staff Health and Wellness - Questionnaire

Staff Health and Wellness - Interests Survey

WOSH Day - Event Planning Template