FREE PROGRAM. CONNECT© is a strength- and evidence-based group program for parents and caregivers of pre-teens and teens who struggle with behaviour challenges and mental health issues. The program focuses on attachment needs, and is consistent with trauma-informed practice, to promote social, emotional and behavioural adjustment. Parents are taught helpful parenting approaches they can apply across a broad range of situations and relational contexts. Learn more here:


Location: John Tod Centre Main Club, 150 Wood St, Family Room

Hours: Adolescent version (12-19), starts October 2nd and every Wednesday thereafter from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.


Daily Details: The program runs weekly for 9 weeks. Dinner provided.  

How to Register: To register for this session, please contact Kerry at 250-554-5437 x203 Space is limited. 


Waitlist Information:  Connect is OPEN for registration. 

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FREE PROGRAM. Incredible Years is a group program for parents and caregivers of children between 2 and 8-years-old. Parents discuss various parenting struggles, behavioural issues, and strategies to understand possible meanings behind common challenges. An emphasis is placed on working to improve interactions between the parents and children by supporting parents in responding versus reacting to challenging behaviours.


Location: John Tod Centre Main Club, 150 Wood St, Family Room

Hours: Join our waitlist :)


Daily Details: The program meets once weekly for 9 consecutive weeks. Dinner and childcare are provided. 

How to Register: To register for the next session, please call Brittany at 250-554-5437 or email 


Waitlist Information: Incredible Years is open for registration.  

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Circle of Friends provides a safe place for children between 6 and 12-years-old to talk with others and navigate the stages and pain of loss.  "Loss" is defined as separation or divorce, the death of a loved one, loss of a pet, moving, changing schools, and/or peer challenges. Children are supported with identifying healthy coping strategies to manage their feelings and frustrations as they move through their daily lives at home, school, and in the community.


Location: John Tod Centre Main Club, 150 Wood St.

Hours: October 15th to December 3rd; every Tuesday between 5 pm and 6 pm.


Daily Details: Cost is $10 per child. A nutritious snack is provided and children participate in a variety of structured activities. 

How to Register: To register your child for our next session, please call Sarah at 250-554-5437 or email


Waitlist Information: Circle of Friends is open for registration. Please join our waitlist to participate in the Fall. 

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We offer full-day childcare for children ages 0-36 months and 3-5 years in a warm and loving environment where they can reach their full potential. Our staff help each child feel good about themselves and consistently strive to meet their physical, intellectual, and emotional needs.


Location: John Tod Centre Main Club, 150 Wood Street

Hours: 7:45 AM to 5:15 PM, Monday to Friday 


Daily Details: Homemade, nutritious snacks and meals are provided and children participate in a wide variety of structured and free-play activities. 

How to Register: To register your child, please fill out the Little Club Kids Membership Form and bring it to the John Tod Centre location. 


Waitlist Information: The daycare is currently full. Your registration form will be added to our waitlist.


Government Childcare Subsidy available for eligible families.


FREE PROGRAM. Every Friday night, families in our community are welcome to gather for a delicious, homemade meal and a variety of social recreational activities. The program helps families develop support networks and positive relationships in an inclusive environment. 


Location: John Tod Centre Main Club, 150 Wood Street

Hours: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM every Friday, except holidays. 


Daily Details: Homemade, nutritious dinner is provided and each week there is a new family activity or outing planned. 

How to Register: Registration or cancellation is required before Thursday at 5:00 PM each week. You can sign up on our Facebook event page, at the John Tod Club, or call Brittany at 250-554-5437 ext. 206.


Waitlist Information: Family night sign up is first come, first serve. We can take up to 30 people each week. Please provide 24-hours notice if you cannot attend. 

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