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Unplug and Play Week

January 20 to 27th, 2018

Unplug from technology and play with your family. Not sure what to do? Check out the FREE events happening this week.


Unplug and Play week is designed to help you take a break from technology to better connect with your family, friends, community, and self. Technology is consuming our lives and impacting our abilities to be creative, connect with others, and feel balanced.

Use this week to create family memories, try something new, learn how to use technology safely, and make new friends face-to-face.

Here is the Schedule of Free Events:

Unplug and Play Schedule

Click the link to learn more about ABC Family Literacy Day.

Want more? Follow the steps below and challenge yourself to think about the benefits of joining in.

1. Follow@unplugandplayweek on Facebook

2. Read "Your smartphone is making you stupid, antisocial, and unhealthy. So why can't you put it down?"

3. Put this tip sheet into action:"4 Tips for Managing your Kids' Screen Time".

Happy Playing!

Comment below and tell us how it went :)

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