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Splashing into summer

What is more fun than a bouncy castle AND a water slide? Not much is better than that if you ask the kids in Club summer camps. With many places are closed due to COVID-19, the number of camp outings has been reduced this summer so the bouncy castle is a fun way for our members to enjoy a day in the sun and water.

While there is a learning curve on how to set up and take down the castle, staff members Kerry and Megan are now able to (dis)assemble the castle quickly so the castle is in use a couple of times a week, much to the delight of our members.

And, if campers ask nicely, or just if they ask if it’s really hot out!, staff members can also be seen enjoying the water as much as the campers. With most of summer to go, if you drive past the Club on Wood St, you’ll probably see the castle set up in the field and hear the splashes and kids screaming in delight and laughing. Lots of laughing.


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