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Summer Brain Gain

We continued our battle against summer learning loss by running Summer Brain Gain for the second year in a row. Summer Brain Gain was designed to combat the loss of learning children face in regards to literacy and numeracy skills over the summer. We reached out to principals from our local schools and asked them to refer to us students who would benefit from this program along with recruiting kids internally from our club. This summer, we had twelve participants who were with us for three weeks in July and three weeks in August. The children participated in lots of fun learning activities such as, scavenger hunts, puzzles, math games, drama games that incorporated literacy through storytelling and wordplay, baking, and science experiments! By the end of the summer, the children were reading, writing, expressing ideas, and sharing their work because they realized that they CAN do it! We wanted to thank the HBC Foundation from the bottom of our hearts for sponsoring such an important program!


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