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Meet Our Team: Madame Dianne

Madame Dianne at Boys & Girls Clubamloops

Madame Dianne is our Early Childhood Educator for the Pre-Maternelle Bonjour Preschool Program a unique French Immersion Kindergarten readiness program based at our John Tod Centre.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to create a community for French students and parents who are motivated to have their children speak both languages in our bilingual country."

Sometimes you will spot her parading through the halls with her young students, singing in French.

"The first time I sang songs in French with the children they responded with enthusiasm and I felt that this was what I was meant to do."

One of the projects Madame Dianne is most excited about is the tower garden! She's teaching her students how to plant, pollenize, and grow produce!

"It is wonderful to show children how to easily and quickly grow vegetables and have them increase their food literacy as well as their physical and emotional health."

For the new year of 2019 the French preschool students are learning the calendar; counting, the month, the year & the weather. Do you know the days of the week en francais?

Monday - Lundi | Tuesday - Mardi | Wednesday - Mercredi | Thursday - Jeudi Friday - Vendredi | Saturday - Samedi | Sunday - Dimanche


Pre-Maternelle Bonjour Preschool

We offer a unique French Immersion kindergarten readiness program. Children engage in daily, school readiness activities in a supportive & creative environment with a qualified French Early Childhood Educator. 

Location: John Tod Centre Main Club, 150 Wood Street

Hours: 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM, Tuesday to Thursday

Daily Details: A nutritious snack is provided and children participate in a wide variety of structured activities. 

How to Register: To register your child, please fill out the Preschool Membership Form and bring it to the John Tod Centre location. 

Waitlist Information: The preschool is open for registration.


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